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Want to stay ahead of the crowd on academic & educational news? Like to know what the education secretary is planning, or which educational institution is just got the best Ofsted ever?

Or may be you just really like in-depth, investigative education journalism, determined to get past the bluster and explain the facts?

If so, The EdTalk is for you. (And anyone else like you!)

EdTalk is a progressive Digital & Print education Magazine dedicated to updates in the world of academics and education to its readers. We have a wide coverage of the articles, latest events, discussions, and who’s who and what they have to say about the evolving education sector.

The EdTalk showcases the unprecedented work of ‘The Concourse of Knowledge’, in bridging the hiatus between what the aspiring students are seeking and what national and international educational institutions have to proffer.

The goal of connecting students and their families with the multiple choices and wide range of available options in all area of education so that they make an informed decision is met year after year by connecting the educational institutions. We also cover educational conclaves where the eminent academicians exchange proven methodologies and discuss the evolving trends and challenges of the global education system.

The EdTalk covers educational news, investigations, expert columns, pick of the weeks’ blogs, books review, and explainers of research and policy documents.

Our stories are often followed-up by the national press, but by subscribing to The EdTalk you’ll be one of the school leaders, business managers and governors who knew the news first.

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