Q: How to Publish an Article in EdTalk?

Ans: Send your Article in word format along with the relevant original Image to theEdTalknews@gmail.com for Consideration

Q: Can I Send Short News about Admission for Publishing?

Ans: Yes, Short news can be accepted but should be a minimum of 300 Words.

Q: Is Image is compulsory along with Article?

Ans: No, Images are not compulsory, Will add a relevant image if not received with Article.

Q: I am an Educational blogger, Can I contribute as a Guest Post?

Ans: Yes, you are welcome to publish an Article along with a link to your blog/website.

Q: Is the EdTalk Accept any do Follow link along with Article?

Ans: Yes, the relevant do-follow link is accepted with the article.

Q: Publishing an Article is Free or Paid?

Ans: Publishing an article with a do-follow link is free without any kind of landing page. To add landing page, contact theEdTalknews@gmail.com

Q: Can I add lead generation form with an article?

Ans: No, Addition of Landing page and lead generation form attracts a cost, contact: theEdTalknews@gmail.com

Q: Is my article Shared with Social profiles of The EdTalk?

Ans: Every Article published on The EdTalk online portal shared with our Social profiles along with E-Mail Subscriber at free of cost.