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Barefoot College Partners with SUN Foundation in Climate Change Initiative

As part of a cooperation agreement with the International Solar Alliance, Barefoot College International Partners with SUN Foundation in Climate Change Initiative


Barefoot College International is today announcing an innovative new partnership with a student-led social enterprise, SUN Foundation, in a move by both organisations to combat the global threat of climate change for students in low resource communities.

This youth-centric partnership is aimed at increasing the awareness amongst youth on climate change issues, whilst simultaneously providing renewable energy solutions to ensure the continued education of students in last-mile communities in the global south, via Barefoot College International’s grassroots Education program.

Barefoot College | Climate Change Initiative

The Education program of Barefoot College, has to date educated more than 75,000 children and trained 14,000 rural teachers. This essential work will be facilitated directly by the new partnership between BCI and SUN Foundation, which has conducted ‘Solar Clinics’ and conducted their awareness building ‘Green Curriculum’ among over 2,000 kids and assisted 8 schools in becoming completely solar electrified.

In addition to its focus on the continued education of children in last-mile communities, the partnership will also lead to the creation of a unique Youth Charter at the International Solar Alliance which has committed to supporting the partnership and aims to reach 1 million youth through sensitization and access to solar energy.

This inspirational initiative is being launched on 9th October at an event moderated by Siddhant Sinha, a Forbes Teenpreneur who founded the SUN Foundation, with the Director General of the International Solar Alliance in attendance as the Guest of Honour along with representatives from International Solar Alliance’s member countries, policymakers from the countries where Barefoot has created access to renewable energy solutions, and educators promoting rural-based education.

“By providing a hands on pedagogy approach to the youth about sustainability, we hope more and more youngsters take an active interest in mitigating the biggest crisis we will ever face, climate change,” said Siddhant Sinha, Founder, SUN Foundation.

Meagan Fallone, Director and Advisor, from Barefoot College International says, “We work every day to ensure that last-mile communities have access to the renewable energy solutions, teachers and classrooms to ensure their continued access to education. Our partnership with SUN Foundation will allow us to continue this work, whilst enabling us to work directly with an entire generation, through the International Solar Alliance, to create solutions that will make a difference in our fight against this climate emergency.”

H.E. Upendra Tripathy, Director General of the International Solar Alliance says, “We work with governments to improve energy access and security around the world and promote solar power as a sustainable way to transition to a carbon neutral future. We have increased access to solar training, data and insights for solar engineers and energy policymakers. Our partnership with the Barefoot College International is participating to this work.”

About SUN Foundation:

SUN Foundation is a technology-enabled platform which aims to mainstream advocacy and awareness around sustainability and climate change, and connect stakeholders for renewables adoption in schools. SUN Foundation not only allows for students to seamlessly facilitate the installation of renewables in their respective schools, but also conducts solar clinics or advocacy sessions for awareness on climate change. The platform also allows for calculation of ecological footprint, pledge-taking and offers tools and resources for education.

About Barefoot College:

Barefoot College International is a global Social Enterprise based in India that provides development solutions to the challenges faced by those in last-mile communities in 93 countries around the world. For almost 50 years, the Barefoot College Institution has been working with women in the developing world to foster localised self-sufficiency and sustainability. Through its programs, Barefoot College International addresses 14 of the 17 UN Sustainability Goals.

About the International Solar Alliance:

The International Solar Alliance is an international organisation with 69 member countries.

We work with governments to improve energy access and security around the world and promote solar power as a sustainable way to transition to a carbon neutral future.

Our mission is to unlock US$ 1 trillion of investment in solar by 2030 while reducing the cost of the technology and its financing.

We promote the use of solar energy in the Agriculture, Health, Transport and Power Generation sectors. Our member countries drive changes by enacting policies and regulations, sharing best practices, agreeing common standards and mobilizing investments.

Through this work, we have:

  • identified and designed new solar projects;
  • supported governments to make their energy legislation and policies solar friendly;
  • pooled demand for solar technology from different countries and drove down costs;
  • improved access to finance by reducing the risks and making the sector more attractive to private investment;
  • increased access to solar training, data and insights for solar engineers and energy policymakers.

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