CCERC Continues To Inspire The Nation’s Youth

CCERC Continues To Inspire The Nation’s Youth


Campus Continents Educational Research Centre Continues to Inspire the Nation’s Youth to Pursue Career in Medical /Engineering and Business Studies
CCERC Continues To Inspire The Nation’s Youth
CCERC Head Office At Bangalore, India


Keeping academic excellence as its guiding principle, Campus Continents Educational Research Centre has always produced highly trained professionals every year. One of the India’s best educational guidance centre for higher education is an amalgamation of 350+ universities across the globe. Founded in 2006, the Campus Continents Educational Research Centre is the nation’s largest and most recognized education counselling centre. With an overall experience of more than 15 years in Education Counselling Services, Campus Continents Educational Research Centre is operating in 30 countries and nearly every state, Campus Continents Educational Research Centre sets the standard, creates the agenda and leads the way in creating proper education path for each individual. Here they enable an affordable and world-class medical learning to students in variety of courses, including MBBS, MDS, MS/MD and PhD. Campus Continents Educational Research Centre has earned proud reputation for excellence among parents and in the national media.

Medical Education is a highly renowned educational degree that is gaining huge impetus in recent times. As such, thousands of students reach Campus Continents Educational Research Centre and look forward to receiving MBBS/PG degree from some of the top-class universities in India as well as abroad.

“At Campus Continents Educational Research Centre, they understand the predicament of students in selecting the best medical school to realize their dream of becoming successful doctor,” says Dr. Anne, 2nd year General Medicine PG Student. 

In this competitive world, merely getting an Admission into medicine is nowhere close to be tough. It is imperative that a student selects the best medical college as his aspirations and future hinges on this one choice. At Campus Continents Educational Research Centre, the experienced team of counsellors make sure that each student gets the necessary information about the quality of education & facilities available at the college, environment at the college that inspires skill development & personality development, support from the college and alumni, supportive & safe environment in the college which allows an individual to blossom into his/her potential.

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“Campus Continents Educational Research Centre informs and inspires students, providing them with all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to engage effectively and easily with the local as well as global communities to become a culturally perceptive citizen,” says a proud parent.

Over the years Campus Continents Educational Research Centre, has emerged as a brand that exudes trust and reliability among students for its range of services. With  ISO-9001-2015 certification they have become a domain leader for more than few reasons, few of them are like direct representative of various medical universities, assisted seven batches to pass out successfully, guided students to clear the Medical Council Screening Test of their respective countries.

Apart from guiding students towards a prosperous path of education, Campus Continents Educational Research Centre has also helped students in Post Arrival Arrangements when a student takes admission in foreign universities. For many students, it is a first-time travel to a foreign country. They have a lot of apprehensions about their travel, stay, atmosphere at the university, food, etc. Campus Continents Educational Research Centre has ensured a smooth entry of all students enrolled through them at the various foreign universities across the globe.

One of the toughest and unclear processes of application to any institution for the students and parents is knowing what kind of documentation and paperwork are to made for the application in order to gain admission, scholarships and all other benefits available with the specific institution. Campus Continents Educational Research Centre has an expert team to assess your Statements of Purpose, Essays, Letters of Recommendations, etc and help you make your application perfect.

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Campus Continents Educational Research Centre is fully resourceful on such information earned out of full-fledged research and analysis of different universities’ criteria and expectations. Campus Continents Educational Research Centre ensures to avail Scholarship, other benefits and India (and other developing countries) specific discounted fee structure for the applicants by providing the perfect documentation support for the Future Doctors.

Campus Continents Educational Research Centre is authorized by most Top Universities / Fully Accredited institutions across the globe to assist students with the Admission process. They verify your documentation and all aspects of your application and assist you to tweak it up as per the requirements and criteria of the institutions and help you in the Application Process.

Musaif Shaan Mohamed, Chairman of Campus Continents Educational Research Centre says that “Since its launch, Campus Continents Educational Research Centre has been instrumental in helping more than a thousand students benefit from our services. The students are happily associated with international, high-quality educational programs at different universities. The faith that the students and their families have bestowed on us is an honour to us, inspiring us to continuously enhance our services.”

Campus Continents Educational Research Centre has a sole purpose of transforming individuals into achievers, leaders and innovators of tomorrow and they are proud to call themselves as “pioneers of education”.

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