Chetu Expands Skill Development Centre Program for Technical Graduates


Chetu Expands Skill Development Centre Program to Offer Improved Software Development Training and Recruitment Possibilities for Technical Graduates
Graduates In The Software Development Field Can Leverage Complimentary, Expert-Level Training To Enhance Skills And Employability In The Current Economic Environment

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Chetu Expands Skill Development Centre Program for Technical Graduates

Chetu India Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of world-class software development and support services, today announces the expansion of its complimentary Skill Development Centre program to help technical graduates in the software industry gain the vital experience they need to obtain employment in a competitive software development job market.

Opened in 2011, Chetu’s Skill Development Centre has enabled thousands of technical graduates to train and upgrade their technical skills free-of-cost. During the three-month program, applicants are provided software training from experts on the latest programming languages. While all participants gain valuable development skills, aspirants that exhibit great potential can gain employment at Chetu. Currently, the program includes training on software such as Python, React.JS, Node.JS, Angular, C/C++, iOS, .Net, and PHP. The expanded program will include cloud technologies – such as AWS – and DevOps, to name just a few.

Saurabh Pawar, director of human resources at Chetu said, “India has long been a hub for some of the most creative minds, yet the rapid growth of unemployment indicates it’s time to uplift these young developers and provide them the opportunity to learn and grow. The Skill Centre is working to provide a platform that enriches the applicants’ knowledge and provides them both exposure to a corporate structure, as well as the skills they need to meet the demands of the rapidly-changing software development industry.”

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Over 200 developers have been recruited to work for Chetu through this program since its inception, and the company continues to invite graduates to enroll and benefit from this opportunity.

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