Children's Week Celebration

Ampersand Group concludes Children’s Week celebrations 2020 across India


The Children’s Week celebrations was concluded by Ampersand Group which operates and manages pre-primary to K12 schools across India reaching out to over 25,000 students with this initiative.

The Children’s Week Celebration had the participation of the Anganwadis in Nashik which is under Public Private Partnership with the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Balwadis under the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in Maharashtra, and Hubble Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools in Punjab. Ampersand Group launched the celebrations to enable students to share and post messages online by tagging #ForUsEveryDayIsChildren’sDay and #HappyChildren’sDay.

Children’s Week Celebrations

The week-long Children’s Week Celebrations were held virtually owing to the lockdown of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Ampersand Group also extended its support to the Government of Maharashtra’s recent announcement of “Children’s Week” celebrations across the state and urged students to participate and post videos using #baldivas2020.

Children's week celebration
Children’s Week Celebration

Students started posting inspirational messages with many of them thanking their teachers for conducting online lectures during the pandemic. Students uploaded videos of them reciting poems, drew portraits of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and also dressed as the former prime minister. They also shared videos of their ambitions, drawings, photographs of their activities conducted during the Children’s week Celebrations. Teachers also posted messages for the students who they have been teaching over the past several years.

This was among the largest exercise conducted during the lockdown by Ampersand Group with the students after they initiated the #ThankYouTeacher campaign on account of Teacher’s Day on September 5.

Mr. Vinesh Menon, Chief Executive Officer – Education, Skilling & Consultancy Services said, “Children are the founding pillars of the nation and ambassadors of our future. This year our campaign is special and we applaud our children who have seamlessly adapted to the new way of learning with digital inclusion. Their spirit and eagerness in maintaining continuity in education has to be hailed as one of the defining moments in Indian education. Through these initiatives, children showcased their dreams, abilities and desires on the online platform which will has helped them inspire to bring them to reality.”

Over 25,000 students of Ampersand Group managed schools participated across states from pre-primary to K12 schools in India

Initiative covered Anganwadis in Nashik under Public Private Partnership with the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Balwadis under the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in Maharashtra, and Hubble Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools in Punjab

About Ampersand Group:

Ampersand Group is a global leader in providing complete solutions in school operations and end-to-end school management services to private institutions and government-run Public-Private Partnership projects in India and other developing nations across the world.

The Ampersand Group was founded in 2004 by Mr. Rustom Kerawalla, a renowned Edupreneur with a vision to transform the educational ecosystem through consistent innovation and use of emerging technologies; to build a modern preschool and K12 education systems, which are equitable and accessible to all.

The Group showcases its excellence in the K12 education through its flagship brand – VIBGYOR Group of Schools, a state-of-the-art institution built with a vision of providing high-quality education to young minds for their holistic growth in today’s times. Today, the Ampersand is well poised to achieve its vision to bring transformation to more than 10 million lives through its contribution in both the public and private domains.

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