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Free Liver Transplant Surgeries to Children Offered by Aster MIMS

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Aster MIMS leading transplant center in Calicut Offers Free Liver Transplant Surgeries to Children

Six children from financially backward families have received a new lease of life following liver transplant surgeries at Aster MIMS Calicut, a leading liver transplant centre in Kerala. The children were offered the surgeries free of cost under a scheme launched with the special interest of Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder and Chairman, Aster DM Healthcare, in connection with the 20th anniversary of Aster MIMS in Kerala.

Dr. Azad Moopen
Free Liver Tansplant Surgeries By Aster MIMS

Addressing a media conference, Aster MIMS CEO Farhan Yassin said that the six surgeries, which cost approximately Rs 1.25 crores, were offered with the support of Aster DM Foundation, MIMS Charitable Trust and other charitable organizations. Besides, Aster MIMS has also been providing liver transplant surgeries at a very low rate for patients from financially backward families.

Meanwhile, the hospital has successfully completed 50 liver transplant surgeries post COVID-19 outbreak. Aster MIMS Calicut performed the surgeries at a time when Kerala witnessed a decline in life-saving surgeries, including transplant surgeries, due to the fear caused by COVID-19. Six of the surgeries performed during the period involved organs received from brain dead patients.

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The hospital authorities claimed that it’s the highest number of transplant surgeries performed with cadaver organs during the period in any hospital in the country. For the hospital, they said, it’s a significant achievement as cadaver organ donations had come to a halt in Kerala prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 due to various reasons. Aster MIMS Calicut, the lone liver transplant centre in north Kerala, has a success rate of over 90 per cent, which is equal to the global success rate, according to the hospital authorities.

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Dr. Aneesh Kumar, Head, Gastroenterology; Dr. Sajeesh Sahadevan, Senior Consultant
Transplant Surgeon and Dr. Noushif, Consultant Transplant Surgeon, were also present in the
media conference.

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