Frontliners From Alumni of Manipal American University of Antigua College of Medicine Battling the COVID-19 Pandemic

Frontliners From Alumni of Manipal American University of Antigua College of Medicine Battling the COVID-19 Pandemic



BANGALORE (PRNewswire): As the COVID-19 pandemic surges through the world, many of those fighting on the front lines are the alumni of Manipal’s American University of Antigua College of Medicine (AUACOM), who have worked tirelessly to earn their degrees and demonstrate their skills. The current pandemic has indeed brought to the forefront the issue of the impending shortage of physicians.

Frontliners From Alumni of Manipal American University of Antigua College of Medicine Battling the COVID-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has challenged the alumni to put their best skills to work as they race to help flatten the curve against the novel coronavirus. One such Manipal’s AUA alumnus, Dr. Vamsi Nukala, working with primary care patients, despite the inherent risks says his practice has changed in the last few weeks:

We are having to learn a whole new way to treat patients by telephone visits as well as video visits. We have to be flexible during this time and willing to help the patients regardless of how medicine has had to currently adapt.”

Other alumni are working behind the scenes, helping with diagnosis and discovery. Dr. Chase Parsons, a resident in diagnostic radiology, credits Manipal’s AUACOM with preparing him to effectively handle the current pandemic. They are seeing several new cases every day, primarily using CT scans of the chest.  Dr. Chase Parson says, “Although not on the immediate frontline per se, we as radiologists are doing our part behind the scenes, helping by diagnosing and stratifying patients.”

The pandemic has been gradually impacting even mental health at large.In addition to caring for patients’ physical health, many doctors are working to care for patients’ mental health. 

Dr. Ayoosh Kakkar, Psychiatry, Class of 2016 says, “Manipal’s AUACOM did an excellent job preparing me throughout medical school. We are taught perseverance, to keep pushing ourselves and marching on, throughout our medical career.”

Though this is new, and a change for everybody, Manipal’s AUACOM has been training, honing skills and preparing the young future doctors to withstand such crisis and perform on the world stage dexterously with sheer grit.

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The critical coronavirus pandemic gripping the world has been having a crippling impact around the globe. The current situation calls for the need to seek facts, to be better equipped to combat such situations in the future. The emphasis is upon enhancing future doctors’ awareness about international health systems, global diseases and assessment techniques for the specific health needs of various countries.

Manipal’s American University of Antigua College of Medicine conducts Global Health Track in collaboration with Florida International University  (FIU) – one of its kind. The AUA-FIU Global Health Track is designed to provide educational and experiential opportunities for students interested in international health care. A comprehensive, four-year longitudinal track in global health, is integrated into the curriculum at American University of Antigua College of Medicine.

Students attending the AUA-FIU Global Health Track are introduced to the study of community and public health, primary care, epidemiology and treatment of communicable and non-communicable diseases on a global basis. The AUA-FIU Global Health Track is open to all eligible medical students at AUA. There are several models for physicians to choose from being a private doctor to a hospital physician.

It is very heart-warming to know what their brilliant alumnus and Family Medicine Resident  Dr. Nandini Chattopadhyay shared from her experience as a frontliner in Chicago.

“Its been a challenging scenario physically, mentally and emotionally to deal with this emergent health crisis all over the world. We are thousands of miles away from our families, following our oath to serve humanity. Yes, it’s been scary to see how NY is engulfed in the clutches of COVID-19. It did not take long till Illinois too saw its rising numbers. We, the residency interns started seeing, experiencing and treating ailing patients who had the COVID doom hanging upon them. The uncertainty of this disease and the scarcity of PPEs for healthcare workers affected each and everyone of us all over the country. We did not shy away from our responsibilities. As an AUA alumni, I am humbled to have the opportunity to make my lifelong dream come true: ‘to serve humanity in times of dire need’. AUA set the foundation of my growth as a Physician, and I will continue to make my Alma Mater proud, in whatever way I can.

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Guided by the vision and mission of their alma mater, these spirited and tough frontliners continue battling the current crisis, armed with education, training, compassion and inspiration.

Manipal’s AUA College of Medicine has been moving forward with the focus on addressing the shortage of physicians across the world. They are driven by their simple vision to provide medical students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as physicians in the global health arena.

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