Launch of Research Center on Internet of Things (IoT)

Launch of Research Center on Internet of Things (IoT)

Institute for Competitiveness joins hands with Haier Model Research Institute to establish Rendanheyi IoT Research Center in India

New Delhi, Delhi, India:  


  • Institute for Competitiveness announces the setting up of The Rendanheyi IoT Research Centre (India) focusing on Internet of Things (IoT).
  • The center is housed at Institute for Competitiveness and is a collaborative effort with Haier Model Research Institute.
  • The main objective of the research center would be to disseminate the idea entailed to Internet of Things, attract regional enterprises, academicians, and thinkers to adopt and study the Rendanheyi model and platform thinking.
  • To organize events, webinars, and workshops based on the theme of Rendanheyi Model and Internet of Things.

Rendanheyi Research Center, India is a joint collaboration of Haier Model Research Institute (HMI) and Institute for Competitiveness (IFC). The objective of the collaboration between HMI and IFC is to provide an opportunity and create an open and an efficient learning platform for the South Asian enterprises. The centre would act as a bridge and platform for enterprises where they could collaborate, interact, share ideas, discuss new management thinking, push new developments in theory of IoT and Platforms.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with huge opportunities. The establishment of the Rendanheyi IoT Research Centre (India) will help in accelerating the understanding of new management thinking and enable interaction between enterprises, experts & scholars across the world, and as well help in bringing forth important international perspectives of organizational change across the world. This would enable in co-creating management ideas in the era of platforms and Internet of things (IoT). The centre would act as an open learning platform to conduct and support local research, propel co-creation of ideas that push forward the thinking in the world driven by collaboration and coopetition. It would offer academic programs in addition to executive programs and seminars. The platform created would also look at providing open access to advanced management ideas and enable interactions within enterprises in South Asia. The Center will share advanced ideas and practices around Internet of Things and Rendanheyi model with academic and corporate leaders, focus on researching on management innovation, discuss management wisdom, build company, and country specific competitiveness agenda in the loT era.

The Rendanheyi model was coined in 2005 by Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Haier Group, emphasizing that human value comes first. After 15 years of practices and tests, the “Rendanheyi” model has completely subverted the bureaucracy and fully activated the employees, guiding the company to swiftly respond to crises and challenges in an ever-changing era through the highly flexible organizational structure. In the first half of 2020, the Haier Model Research Institute has established Rendanheyi research centres in Singapore, Russia, etc. Scholars, enterprises, and managers from all over the world have connected together through multiple webinars to interact with more than 800 companies and nearly thousands of audiences from more than 30 countries to discuss and verify the unique charm of Rendanheyi and the effective organizational changes amid the pandemic challenges.

The outbreak of covid-19 has brought opportunities for transformation, that would enable enterprises to innovate and redefine business models. Haier has practiced Rendanheyi in nearly 30 countries and regions wherein it has achieved outstanding results. Its successful cross-regional, cross-cultural, and cross-industry practice also suggests that the Rendanheyi model is one of the most worth learning management models in the era of the IoT.

The centre is housed at Institute for Competitiveness. The Institute for Competitiveness is headed by Dr. Amit Kapoor; Honorary Chairman at Institute for Competitiveness, India; President of India Council on Competitiveness and Editor-in-Chief of Thinkers. He is an affiliate faculty for the Microeconomics of Competitiveness course of Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School. He is also a visiting scholar at Stanford University. Amit is the author of bestsellers “Riding the Tiger”, which he has co-authored with Wilfried Aulber and “The Age of Awakening: The Story of the Indian Economy Since Independence” published by Penguin Random House. The Institute for Competitiveness focusses on work in the area of strategy, competition, social progress, and economic development. The institute is dedicated to enlarging and purposeful dissemination of ideas pioneered by Michael Porter, Professor Harvard Business School.

Source: Business Wire India

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