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Nadim Nsouli, will participate in a webinar on future of K-12 investing by EducationInvestor Global



Nadim Nsouli, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Inspired Education Group, will discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the international K12 sector in the webinar “School of thought: Inspired Education, Rothschild and Clyde & Co on the future of K12 investing,” hosted by EducationInvestor Global

“For our schools, the benefits of being part of Inspired has never been clearer than in the past few months”


Nadim Nsouli, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Inspired Education Group, will participate in a webinar hosted by EducationInvestor Global on 11 June at 12:15pm BST focused on ‘The Future of K12 Investing.’

Nsouli will join John Hayes, director at Rothschild and Co, an investment bank, and Ross Barfoot, partner at global law firm Clyde & Co, for a virtual panel discussion, chaired by Josh O’Neill, editor of EducationInvestor Global.

Ross Barfoot, partner, Clyde & Co
John Hayes, director, Rothschild & Co
Nadim Nsouli, chief executive, Inspired Education

Together, the panellists will discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the international K12 sector. They will examine global issues through a corporate lens to identify the ways in which transaction metrics – such as valuations, price-to-earnings multiples and debt levels – will recalibrate in light of the coronavirus crisis to reflect changes to schools’ operations, capacity and thus profitability. The panel will also shed light on how independent school owners, operators and investors can preserve value and protect brand integrity throughout this turbulent period and safeguard assets from future disruption through diversification.

“The benefits of being part of Inspired for our schools has never been clearer than in the past few months. We have been able to share lessons learned from across the world as our schools were closing down and going virtual one by one and we are now doing the same as many of them are reopening. It has been a difficult time for all but our management team, teachers and staff have shown exemplary fortitude and leadership,” explains Nsouli.

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Topics of discussion will also include:

  • Where investors in independent schools should be looking for opportunities amid Covid-19
  • How Inspired Education has navigated the Coronavirus crisis, without compromising educational quality
  • Diversification strategies to prepare school operators and their investors for future disruptive events

There will also be opportunities to put your own questions to the panellists during the webinar, which they will answer in a live Q&A following the panel discussion.

Commenting on the webinar, Vernon Baxter, managing director of Investor Publishing, said: “As the publisher of EducationInvestor Global, we are immensely excited about hosting a discussion between three industry leaders of such stature on such an important subject during these uncertain times.”

“I have no doubt that, in this session, the panellists will share fascinating insights on this fast-moving environment and the discussion will make for essential viewing for decision-makers across the global K12 sector.”

To register your free place at this webinar, please follow this link: 

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