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For Benefiting 15L Students, Plintron Supported SmartCentric Educational Initiative


Plintron powers a unique educational initiative by SmartCentric

Plintron powers a unique educational initiative by SmartCentric for 15 Lacs students of 9100 Schools in India

Plintron has supported SmartCentric in starting a unique educational initiative covering 9100 schools, in 91 districts across 19 states of India and benefiting 15,00,000 students.

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SmartCentric along with its NGO partner enabled a technological breakthrough in the learning process of students by providing tablets with educational content on General Knowledge, English, Science, Mathematics and Computer Science for a government project. 

The tablets are powered by SIMs from National Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Plintron.

These tablets have a voice interface that allows students to ask questions. If the answers to such queries are not found in the educational database, the software would search the internet for answers and provide them to the students. 

Plintron’s wide data coverage throughout India enables these tablets to connect to the internet via the software. This motivates and enthuses the students resulting in positive outcomes like increased class attendance and improved class participation.

The scheme has already been rolled out in 7500 schools covering 75 districts despite the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Plintron is the first operational national Virtual Network Operator (VNO) licensee in India and has data coverage even in remote areas which made the SmartCentric project feasible as many of the schools being benefited under the project are located infar-flung places.

Plintron looks forward to continue catalysing the Digital India revolution by supporting such innovative social initiatives and digitally enable other tech start-ups in India, IoT service providers and Enterprises.

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