The New E-book ‘But We Pray’ by AiR, Helps Discover the True Meaning of Prayer

The New E-book ‘But We Pray’ by AiR, Helps Discover the True Meaning of Prayer


AiR’s e-book titled But We Pray explains what true prayer actually is as it shows the way forward to realize God, not in a temple, mosque or church, but in the temple of one’s heart. God is different to different people around the world and most people believe that only their God is the Creator of the universe. Those who don’t believe this, don’t find it necessary to pray. Neither are they moved by faith or fear, nor do they pray out of love or gratitude. This is because they don’t believe in the Divine. The first step even before one prays is to believe that God exists. It is for this reason that a young child is taught to pray, and it becomes a part of their belief system, their habit and philosophy of life. This book will helps realize the truth about God and prayer.


The book talks about the challenges that one faces on the spiritual path. The world is divided into several religions, and prayers are governed by the scriptures of one’s religion. All religions are good as they introduce God to humans but religion is only the first step towards God-realization. Humans do not realize that religion is only a kindergarten of which spirituality is the university, and to realize the truth, one must graduate in the university of spirituality.

“We pray, but we don’t understand to whom we are praying? We recite from scriptures, we chant mantras and sing devotional songs, but we still don’t understand the meaning of our prayers. The mission of this book is to enlighten us about the truth and then pray so that our prayers become effective,” says AiR.

AiR adds, “While we understand that prayer is important, it is also important to know to whom we are praying. Are there many Gods in many different heavens that exist somewhere above the skies? No. This is a figment of our imagination! There is no doubt that a Divine Power exists. But we humans have fabricated the truth about Divinity. God is beyond religion. God is not a statue, God is not a saint, God is not a picture that anyone can paint. God is a Power, a Power beyond human comprehension. Therefore, to make our prayer effective, we must stop and understand the reality of God. There is a difference between prayer and true prayer. True prayer is an effective two-way communication not just blindly following scriptures. It’s not only talking but also listening to God. True prayer builds a connection with God; it makes us love God. True Prayer is knowing who we are praying to and what we are saying.”

“True prayer is not mumbling something one doesn’t understand.

True prayer is talking and listening to God who is always holding your hand.” – AiR.

One can download the free E-book from AiR website

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