Univariety launches ‘Subject Selector’ to guide Grade 10 students on subject choices

Univariety launches ‘Subject Selector’ to guide Grade 10 students on subject choices



World’s First scientific and personalized solution for 10th-grade students


Univariety, India’s largest career guidance and alumni management platform, today launched the ‘Subject Selector’ program which is the World’s First scientific and personalized solution for 10th-grade students preparing to enter Grade 11. Univariety, being one of the most sought-after career guidance platforms, has recognized the importance of the right career choice for students after completing their Grade 10 Board Exams. 

Univariety launches Subject Selector to guide Grade 10 students on subject choices
Univariety launches ‘Subject Selector’ to guide Grade 10 students on subject choices

Subject Selector by Univariety

Univariety, after years of research, has launched a personalized solution to clear the confusion around the process of subject selection. Through a combination of personality assessments, one-on-one counselling, researched career options, and learning from other students that chose the same subjects, the Subject Selector by Univariety offers the most personalized, deeply-researched, and effective way to find the most suitable subject combination for your child. The outcome – absolute clarity on the right subjects to pursue for future success!

Univariety has studied student data over many years and found that 1 in 4 students end up wanting to change their Grade 11 subject choice. Some of them end up repeating a year in Grade 11; some manage to make it through Grade 12 somehow but then drop a year and/or change streams in college. Given this rather high opportunity cost of getting this decision wrong, it’s very important to choose the Grade 11 subjects with care so that students don’t regret it later.

In our society today, Grade 11 subject selection is still very much a confused process based on what friends and family say, what parents feel might be best, what the child’s marks seem to indicate, and so on.

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Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jaideep Gupta, Founder & CEO, Univariety says, “Students completing their Grade 10 are at a crossroads, where the first crucial decision about the future has to be made. This is when the right guidance is the absolute need of the hour. It is the most difficult time for young minds to understand their career ambitions and the right path to reach them. Parents and guardians should be cautious and help students make decisions wisely with proper expert advice. We are glad to launch the ‘Subject Selector’ program to help students and parents with the right guidance at this critical phase.”

About Univariety

Univariety is India’s largest career guidance and alumni management platform for schools. The fastest-growing Ed-tech company that pioneered the use of technology in K-12 education, Univariety is an established leader in the field of career guidance for school students.

The organisation is at the forefront of successful partnerships in the education space with UCLA Extension endorsing its flagship ‘Global Career Counsellor’ certification for teachers, psychologists, and career counsellors. With more than 350+ progressive schools utilizing its services, Univariety has evolved as the most preferred career guidance platform for schools.

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