WhiteHat Jr. is in search of Tech Leaders

WhiteHat Jr. is in search of Tech Leaders


WhiteHat Jr.’s search for Tech Leaders steered by Purple Quarter

In the search of Tech Leaders Gaurav Mathur and Siva Kumar Tangudu have been onboarded by WhiteHat Jr to establish uninterrupted growth in the EdTech space.

With the requirement of online classes throughout the pandemic, the EdTech ecosystem has shot up to be the hottest sector. The EdTech startup, WhiteHat Jr., which was acquired by industry leader Byju’s in a $300 million deal last year, plans to introduce multiple new avenues of growth through technology over the next few months. 

In Search of Talent Tech Leaders

To accommodate the augmenting tech requirements, the search for exceptional tech talent has also significantly escalated. The Bengaluru-based tech-head search firm, Purple Quarter has assisted WhiteHat Jr close multiple leadership positions recently.

An IIT Bombay graduate, Siva Kumar Tangudu, who previously worked at Myntra, HackerRank, and also co-founded Kawanan Labs will be joining as one of the VP of Engineering. Siva Kumar is looking forward to joining the company and making an impact. He says, “I’m excited and happy to be part of WhiteHat Jr. Globally, Edtech is undergoing a transformation change by using newer digital models to engage and learn in more effective ways. COVID-19 has helped accelerate the adoption of these newer forms of dissemination.

WhiteHat Jr has led from the front by concentrating on the theme of kids being creators and builders using a personalized teaching model. The first principles of helping kids practically apply their learning to build stuff, starting with coding, is just the beginning. The potential for impact is huge.”

Gaurav Mathur, ex-Director of Engineering at Flipkart, and an IIT Delhi graduate has also joined WhiteHat Jr as a VP of Engineering in the month of February. He has also formerly worked in reputed companies like FICO and Oracle. He talks about how excited he is to join the WhiteHat Jr. family.

“I am super excited about joining WhiteHat Jr as VP of Engineering taking care of Student learning experience. I strongly believe in the mantra of making Kids creators. My role would be to build products that help remove anxiety amongst kids and make education fun & collaborative. This is just the start of the journey where Technology has a big role to play in making concept-based e-learning accessible, affordable, collaborative & engaging.”

Gaurav Mathur, VP of Engineering, WhiteHar Jr.

“In an emerging space like EdTech, Siva and Gaurav are sure to make an impact with their strong tech skills and exceptional experiences. We are thankful to WhiteHat Jr. for trusting us with multiple requirements and we’re glad to have closed them in a record time.”

Roopa Kumar, the Co-Founder and COO of Purple Quarter

With Purple Quarter’s unmatched network in the tech circle, the closing of these positions took them not more than 30 days each. They recently assisted Vedantu, another EdTech startup, in their search for a  new Head of Engineering.

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