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BigSpring Debuts Next-Generation Lifelong Learning Platform


Google, Uber, United Technologies and Tata Steel Among Customers


After 24 months and with more than a half-million users, BigSpring today officially debuted its mobile-first learning platform that – for the first time – enables the delivery of market-relevant skills mapped to productivity and performance gains. Backed by early customers including Google, Uber, United Technologies and Tata Steel, BigSpring is the only learning platform built for “all-collar” jobs – from knowledge workers to the frontline, including channel partners, contractors and last-mile influencers.

In the past few years prior to COVID-19, there has been an escalating discussion regarding the need for mass reskilling. A McKinsey Global Institute Report said that by 2030, 75 million to 375 million workers would be displaced as a result of an accelerating digital economy with large swaths of the workforce requiring retraining. Now, with COVID-19, 195 million jobs worldwide will be displaced in this quarter alone, according to the UN’s labor body.

BigSpring fills an acute need in both the skilling and reskilling of workers whose roles have been permanently impacted both by technology and the impact of COVID-19. Mobile-first and capable of reaching workers wherever and whoever they are, BigSpring matches learners to personalized, job-relevant skill sets and creates skill portfolios to showcase proficiency – all while offering an online learning community of peers and coaches. With BigSpring, employers – for the first time – are able to measure ROI from a learning platform.

“I founded BigSpring to address two significant gaps in the market. First, training has traditionally been measured in hours, test scores and certificates. It’s time we moved to metrics that matter – job placements and productivity gains. Second, today’s platforms focus primarily on white-collar roles, accounting for only a thin sliver of the global workforce. We need to provide a direct path to employment and productivity for everyone,” said Bhakti Vithalani, founder and CEO of BigSpring.

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“Clever technology is all around us—it’s the application of that technology in different and thoughtful ways that has the potential to unlock solutions to important, global challenges,” said Dr. Greg Badros, a former Google and Facebook executive, investor, entrepreneur and current advisor to BigSpring. “With record unemployment and a depleted economy, tackling employability on a global scale is more important now than ever before. BigSpring is a great example of what excites me about technology innovation today.”

Among BigSpring’s accomplishments for customers:

  • A global consumer appliances company achieved higher upsell conversion and customer service ratings by upskilling contract service technicians.
  • A gig economy worker platform delivers at-scale onboarding and personalized learning, driving up to double-digit improvement in service quality.
  • An online bank is delivering financial literacy training to SMB customers for quality engagement and to improve their credit worthiness.
  • An industrial goods manufacturer is upskilling its channel partners to sustain a double-digit price premium.

Source: Business Wire India


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