Career Choice: Work in the Company That Suits You

Career Choice: Work in the Company That Suits You

All of us want to make a glorious, fantastic and stunning career. We dream of earning a lot of money and at some definite moment delegating our business to our children. We plan spending the rest of our lives somewhere at the sea shore, in the country of the bright sun, warm climate, delicious fruit and cheerful people.

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Each of us has a desire to work and progress, we are full of ambitions, we are patient enough, we are fast learners, smart, energetic… With all these qualities we are a dream of every employer. But never make hasty decisions about joining a new company. First of all you should find out if your work in this company will be rewarding, harmonious and convenient for you, in brief, how well this company suits you.

Psychologists distinguish four main managing styles: authoritative, marketing, bureaucratic and participative. Being aware of the peculiarities of every style will help you to play cards right when sending out your curriculum vitae to this or that company. The company with authoritative style has a strictly hierarchical structure: relations between the directors and subordinates are predetermined. This is a company for those who like fulfilling particular orders, those who prefer fixed system of relations and count on long term growth perspective.

This is your world if you are used to take into account the slightest details and be satisfied with a definite position in the company. In marketing – oriented staff everyone pursues his own benefits. Units of brokers’, associations of managers’ refer to this category. These organizations are temporary and their aim is to make the highest possible profit in the shortest period of time. The basic law here is efficiency and the main aim is profitability.

An employee should be independent, self- confident and have his own ideas for making money. Not everyone can stand such a tension. In these companies they value the opinion of every person but only in the sphere of his project. Sometimes your ideas can be stolen with out your permission. Bureaucratic organizations offer paradise for petty tyrants. It suggests heaps of useless paperwork. You can play either a role of tyrant or of a victim. But both of them are so repulsive, as for me.

Participative managing style is the most well balanced of the four. Every member of staff contributes to the development of the organization. They value your opinion just because a fresh idea is at times better than advice of the professional with thousands of problems. The company works according to the principles of an ideal team: everyone does what he is best at, besides he adds up to building up the ideal pyramid with small bricks. It is not always better for a person to work in an ideal company than to have his own business or follow the instructions.

Before writing your resume objective, think if you will be able to become an independent and indispensable unit of such company. Before taking over a position in the new company, make a preliminary analysis of the company managing style. If you rely on long term employment in this company, don’t think you will adapt to its rules if they contradict your nature. Only working in harmony with your inner world will bring you positive results instead of constant fatigue and self dissatisfaction.

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