Admission Open for M.Tech in Product Design and Management Program from IIIT Hyderabad

Admission Open for M.Tech in Product Design and Management Program from IIIT Hyderabad


– 2 year Masters program in Product Design for working professionals

– Convergence of products, design, innovation and entrepreneurship coupled with a large project

– For young professionals, startups and industry sponsored to enable better product designers & product managers

IIIT Hyderabad announces a new M.Tech in Product Design & Management program. A critical need today to be able to conceptualize, define, design technology products and connect them with markets. The program aims to create market and design aware technologists, product designers, product managers and maybe even startup founders.

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M.Tech in Product Design and Management

The curriculum empowers graduates to understand the convergence of technology, design, markets and the business of products. The program can lead to creation of new products, new startups, or groom early career IT professions to become technology product managers for technology companies specifically around information technologies.

The M.Tech in product design & management program is designed to enable tech product companies to groom product designers and product managers or nurture startup founders to get a strong foundation through which to be able to create better product startups. A hands-on lab, market and field intensive course focused on technology products. 

M.Tech in Product Design & Management Program

Program will include courses around understanding of technology product, convergence of technology, design, markets & business, product design, development and management, products from emerging technologies (research). An extended program project in the second year will help with creating product-translating ideas into deep technology products that connect with markets. 

There are three channels of admissions, based on initial screening and subsequent interviews:

  • Young professionals: With 1+ years of IT experience. Through IIITH’s PGEE or CEED exams.
  • Startups: Through an application reviewed by an expert committee that will evaluate the idea, tech & market viability, and the founder’s background. 
  • Industry sponsored:  Mid-level professionals with 8+ years experience, who are either development managers or architects or product managers, sponsored by their employers. 

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