My Chhota School’s Brings Convenient Education to Your Doorstep

My Chhota School’s Brings Convenient Education to Your Doorstep


Homeschooling is one of the most interesting byproducts of Covid-19 crisis because the protection of children is particularly important for society. In fact, schools all over the world have begun to think seriously about this concept of convenient education, brought to the child’s doorstep. Leading the campaign in this direction is My Chhota School (MCS), which has been a flag-bearer of homeschool concept in India. MCS is a Playschool for every Indian child, at a low budget but with the world-class education materials.

To bring parents onboard with India’s first homeschool, MCS is sponsoring a webinar on homeschool on July 5, 2020, to be hosted by noted motivational speaker & Founder and CEO, Bada Business, Dr. Vivek Bindra. The underlying fact of this webinar will be that MCS’ homeschool has no place for online classes. The Webinar will also be streamed live over the MCS YouTube Channel, My Chhota School, as well as their Facebook page, Chhotaschool. My Chhota School is also offering franchise to those who seek a new career.
The MCS Homeschool, the first-of-its-kind in India, is based on the philosophical approach that kids are natural learners, who cannot resist exploring their surroundings out of curiosity & passion. The kids also possess the enviable ability to self-learning. As a result, providing them the right kind of school environment, right inside the four walls of their home, is not just the need of the hour, it is also the futuristic way to better education along with well-being.
To be honest, online classes have become a bane for children, especially in the age group of 2-6 years, who are forced to spend hours in front of screens, which not only affects their health but also compromises with the quality of education being provided to them.
After a spirited campaign spread over the months of national lockdown, MCS will be launching the homeschool education in 1000 different branches and franchise centers, much to the delight of worried parents, who didn’t know where to look to continue their child’s education uninterrupted. MCS Homeschool is no less than a blessing for students of nursery, L.K.G. and U.K.G. classes, because it brings a full-fledged curriculum to the parent’s doorstep. Thus, the child or the parents have no need to go out of the house to continue the education. A Homeschool Kit will be provided to the parents.
Right after the admission is done, MCS homeschool will also handover the course books along with the weekly curriculum to the parents. The curriculum will contain activities for each day of the week. The child will participate in the learning activities through worksheets, audio and video lessons. The activities are to be done on a daily basis and on a pre-determined day of the week, the parent will bring these to the school, where the teacher will evaluate the child’s work. The parents will receive a new curriculum every week, which will contain activities to keep the child engaged in the studies.
Parents will become teachers for their kids and help to implement the curriculum with the help of the local school. They will help students to complete worksheet, show CD videos to students and help them complete homework every day. They shall also present their doubts or those of the students to the MCS teachers through Zoom meeting.
It is imperative to mention here that along with the weekly curriculum, there were will be regular examinations for the child as well as his progress will be continuously assessed at the Parent-Teacher Meetings. In other words, MCS Homeschool is an exemplary way to bring the school and everything related to it right into the child’s home. Parents will don the role of the teacher at home and school will assist them in fulfilling the child’s educational needs. The MCS Head office in New Delhi will coordinate with the ‘Mother-Teachers’ in different branches of MCS Homeschool to ensure smooth running of the operation.
Task as Head Office shall be to provide daily curriculum, to provide books for the students, to provide weekly worksheets, to provide free Candy Kid online classes to students, to provide Video CDs with books for student’s learning at home, to provide home school kits, to organize daily PTM and weekly events on Zoom app. Mother teacher helps in Admissions, Promotion, Marketing, Delivery of home-school kits. She also delivers and checks daily homework & worksheets. She solves the problems of parents. She coordinates between MCS and Parents.
The present environment, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already been declared a public health emergency, has forced children to stay indoors and be taught either through online classes or by a private tutor. While parents can keep an eye on them during these pre-timed sessions, it may not always be possible to do so. That is where MCS Homeschool scores big time. The weekly curriculum that you receive from the homeschool, allows the parents to design their child’s weekly studies as per the convenience of both the child and the parent.
Instead of making the process of teaching the child at home a power game between the parent and child, homeschooling allows the parent to let the child decide when and how much he or she wants to study and then help the child in doing that. In this way, parents become the biggest stakeholder in their child’s education, under the homeschool method of education. You, as a parent need to be broad-minded enough to think of home-schooling as the easiest way to education your child amidst the lockdown period, because it is child-led, not school-led, way of studies.
The YouTube channel of MCS has a number of videos that elucidate the importance of homeschool in the context of the current global situation, where parents and kids are stuck at home. The MCS Facebook page is home to several testimonials to the relevance of homeschooling in the present times. You can also see teachers and schools across the country joining hands with the MCS homeschool and taking forward the primary education for children. In addition to spreading its footprint across India, with 1000+ branches and 15000+ students enrolled, MCS is also operational in Australia and Laos. If you are looking for a new career to start your own homeschool, you may buy a franchise of My Chhota School @ Just Rs. 17900/-. They can be reached at 9711664660 or 7838010826.
By the look of it, we need to learn to live with Corona into the near future and schools aren’t going to open anytime soon. Even if they do, parents are skeptical about sending their younger ones, in the age-group of 2-6 years, to school in wake of the pandemic. Therefore, homeschool is the safest and easiest way to fulfill your child’s educational needs and keep him abreast with the changing world around you.

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