“Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Scheme” a boon for students of Rajasthan Government Schools

“Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Scheme” a boon for students of Rajasthan Government Schools

Students of 875 schools in Jaipur district are getting home-based career guidance

Jaipur, Rajasthan : Under “Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Scheme”, “Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Portal” is playing an important role for preparing millions of children of government schools in this competitive world. During the lockdown period when the schools are closed, after class X, when it comes to choosing a career-wise subject or preparing for a favorite profession after 12th, the successful people of their respective fields on this portal through the YouTube session Making their way easier.

Chief District Education Officer Mr. Ratan Singh Yadav informed that Kovid-19 facilitates career guidance for every student studying in classes 9 to 12 under “Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Scheme” operated by School Education Department during lockdown period. Is being provided by Under this, specialist career counselors and experienced trainees are called to talk about the career direction related to different fields like medicine, teaching, army, police, agriculture, becoming entrepreneurs.

Through this, anxious students are getting guidance about their future and removing the confusion of mind and resolving the curiosities. The series is being telecast every Tuesday and Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Mr. Singh said that so far its 8 sessions have been broadcast through YouTube series. In these sessions so far, Arjuna Awardee Nisha Millet has taught swimming, fashion stylist Mr. Prasad Bidpa a career in fashion designing and tricks to become successful entrepreneur by entrepreneur Mr. Ashish Kashyap.

All of them are experts in their respective fields. Nisha is the first Indian woman to qualify for swimming in the Olympics, while Mr. Ashish is the founder of ibibo. This is why Thar Sri Prasad is a renowned fashion stylist.

Online education is a powerful medium

Mr. Yadav said that schools and colleges across the state are closed due to the lockdown, during this lockdown, students should continue their studies and the School Education Department is constantly making efforts to ensure that there are no disruptions.

Choosing career direction for students of 10th and 12th is very confused. This is the time in which every student is most in need of guidance so that they can successfully move their career in the right direction by choosing the appropriate college or professional education. During this lockdown period, online education has emerged as a strong medium for the development of the student using the Internet.

More than 455 career options, more than 10 thousand colleges

The “Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Portal” has been developed by the Department of Education, in collaboration with UNICEF, under the “Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Scheme”. This portal is an online portal, through which students of classes 9 to 12 are getting more than 200 professional and 237 professional career information in Hindi and English languages.

Through the “Rajiv Gandhi Career Guidance Portal”, students can get all the information related to more than 455 career options, more than 10 thousand colleges and more than 960 scholarships and more than 955 entrance examinations from their own login.

The way of using this portal can be understood by visiting the below link

https: //shivira.com/rajiv-gandhi-career-portal…

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