Social Media Tactics: Shubham – Nipun duo helping FB creators through Widsley

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Not everyone understands the tricks of social media: Shubham Mathur & Nipun are helping FB creators through Widsley

Millions of people are using Facebook in the country. Many uses it just for entertainment and social stay. Few thousand of these try to make it their means of earning. Although there is also a truth that those who want to make it a means of earning should also be completely successful, it is not so.

Shubham Mathur & Nipun are helping FB creators through Widsley
Social Media Marketing
Shubham Mathur & Nipun

After talking to many experts, it comes to know that most of the social media / FB creators do not know the proper way from which they are able to earn well.

Many experts agree that it is not easy to build a good understanding of social media marketing. Talking to a group named Widsley opens up many new dimensions of social media marketing. Shubham-Nipun of this company informed about many nuances of this field. These days this group is handling the social media marketing of many famous people.

Shubham-Nipun says that when he started working, no company took Facebook seriously. But very soon these people realized that Facebook and social media are huge platforms. That’s why he thought of promoting and managing Facebook creators.

He says, “We started working with creators. The first creator was Sanju Sherawat. It’s only been 4 months working now. Sherawat’s page has increased one million followers. The company has 35 creators. These include many big names like RealShit, Sanju Sherawat, Elvish Yadav, Avnish Singh, Nijo Johnson etc.

Social Media Marketing | FB Creators

They claim that our goal is to add 100 creators with us in a year. We are going to launch a digital platform in the coming times, in which this entire process will be automated. In 4 months we have covered close to one billion views.

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